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Healing Hearts Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing lives and taking back our streets due to violence and was founded by Talessia Martin. Our mission, vision and core values is what our organization stands by.

We hope we can assist you in anyway that we can. 


Stones of Meaning

To enhance lives and to assist the troubled so they can live a more balanced and productive life. 

It is time to take back our streets, fight crime, reach out to troubled people and make a difference. Provide skills and support to people within low income communities that's at high risk of recidivism also give support to families that are effected by troubled family member(s). 


Image by Ben Mullins

The mission of HHF is to provide support groups for all ages. Holistic healing for the hurt and troubled.   Resources and methods in preventing recidivism from re accruing. To ameliorate and enhance lives. Our goals is to strengthen, encourage, inspire and have available counseling classes to fit each individual needs. Our mission is to give someone that's troubled a chance to develop positive cognitive skills to be a productive citizen in society. We believe that anyone can change their lives around with proper resources and support. 


Image by Smit Patel
  • Enhancement

  • Ameliorate

  • Prevent Recidivism

  • Holistic Healing are

Our core values that we enforce and use at Healing Hearts Foundation. Our core values will help all ages and ethnicity. 


The Future

As we expand we will stay dedicated in enhancing lives and giving people necessary tools to live a productive life. We will stay committed to reaching out to all communities to raise awareness and being positive advocates for all people.


Public Speaker

We work with individuals, families, community's, schools, agencies and faith-bases organizations to raise awareness and help assist us with our missions, vision and core values. 

We provide many methods of intervention, listed below:

  • Educational workshops, counseling forums for all ages 

  • Resources with local nonprofits and other counseling agencies

  • Web and Social Media forums and conversations 

  • Social Media Campaigns 

  • Quarterly, Semi Annual and Annual event 

  • Community Outreach 

  • Mentoring  

Programs :

  • Mentoring 

  • Community Outreach 

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