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LaToyia Jones

 Founder of Alive on Purpose

Facebook: /imaliveonpurpose

Twitter: @aliveonpurpose

LaToyia Jones, BA, Suicide Activist, Grief Recovery Specialist, Certified Corporate Coach


Age 30 Latoyia Jones is the founder of Alive On Purpose where she stands in the gap daily for the hundreds of  people who consider suicide as an alternate option to live each and every day. Recently recognized at one of the most influential women in Cleveland, LaToyia Jones grew up in Cleveland Heights, Ohio and graduated from the University of Phoenix with a concentrated focus in Organizational Psychology. In 2012 she founded the Alive On Purpose organization, a 501-c3 organization dedicated to building awareness to suicide prevention through support, intervention, and self-discovery.


LaToyia spent years of her life helping people tear down old ideas and beliefs in order to rebuild through knowledge, awareness, and healing a new and better individual with unlimited potential. Being a bi-product of the adoptive and social service systems she quickly found a connection to help address issues of youth development, child abandonment, and the healing of mother and father wounds. Her mission became simple to help heal the hurting and she would accomplish this task by any means necessary. As a licensed Grief Recovery Specialist, Certified Corporate Coach, and group facilitator she teaches classes throughout the city to help both adult and teens bridge the connection between their past experiences in order to find the proper completion to move forward with their lives.


Previously employed at PNC bank as a Registered Corporate coach, LaToyia remains committed to enabling the achievement of business strategies by enhancing leadership talent and effectiveness. LaToyia Jones truly believes in assisting individuals through both professional and personal life goals in effort to help them reach their highest potential. Through group and individual coaching, professional and personal development, workshops, speaking engagements and other outreach efforts those connected are challenged to activate their lives from the inside out. Corporations and individuals are challenged to engage in  programming that enhances performance, pushes the bar, and produces measurable and sustainable results. After creating programming for more than 250 employees at PNC bank, LaToyia knew that there was more creation that needed to happen.


With the start of iLiveCoaching, LLC, her efforts are not targeted to just help adults; but, teens, children and students are challenged around her to become their best selves and engage in character development that produces lives that have unlimited results.  Now committed to Alive On Purpose full time, she makes her presence known many organizations and companies around the city as she inspires, encourages, and strengthens others to live lives far beyond their current level of displayed potential.


Facebook: /lilDonAir

Twitter: @LILDonAIR

Instagram: @LILDonAIR

When you find out your parents aren't really your parents, everything fake goes out the window. Dee 'lilD' Porter was born in Louisiana and quickly found out that there were few people on whom she could depend. Her parents' son raped her when she was 8, then she was raped again at 16. It felt pointless to tell anyone; her biological mother was on crack, and her adopted parents made it clear that their 'real' children meant more to them. Stripped of all self-esteem and confidence, she made the decision to end it all. 12 Tylenol caplets later, she woke up in her bed confused. Why was she still alive? It was then she realized she would have to fight for her happiness. 


Everyday for the next 10 years, Dee woke up, looked in the mirror, and complemented herself. Even if all she could say was "you got an A on your test," she did it. Eventually, she realized the features that she thought ruined her face are what made her beautiful.


Currently, lilD is a radio personality and mentor for younger people going through what she went through. When she's not on air on Z107.9 in Cleveland, she's involved in someone's life in an impacting capacity. The founder of "You Go G.I.R.L. (Grinding in Real Life)," her mission is to highlight women in the community making a strives in their fields. She wants girls (and women) to know that they have options when it comes to career choices, and regardless of what one has been through, there is always a way out. She often says, "People think because I do radio, my life was perfect. But I'm here to let them know: life is not a fairy tale, but you can have a fairy tale ending if you believe in yourself."

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