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Oh my!

Going grocery shopping has never been my favorite thing. Lately it’s giving me the creeps. Yes I get creeped out and the hairs on my back starts to raise as I walk up to a shopping cart. My son is banned from grocery stores indefinitely.I cringe as I think about all the times he put his cute,little baby mouth on a shopping cart handle🤮😂The boogy monster Covid19 is lurking everywhere.

Let’s get straight to it. 🧤Gloves are first on the list. When I approach most stores gloves are in the parking lot and even worst on the floor by the sanitary wipes. Very contradicting people.🤦🏾‍♀️Please please please throw gloves away. It’s so irresponsible to discard gloves improperly. You are putting so many people at risk by throwing them on the ground. Also I see a lot of workers wearing gloves and it worries me that they are just collecting the germs of each customer.

Cross contamination is real.🦠Viruses can survive on gloves much longer than it can survive on your hands. Also be sure that you know how to take gloves off properly.

I think we owe it all to our family, friends and neighbors to help keep the community safe. This crisis is real but we the people can survive it and will survive it. I have faith! But in the mean time,when you are going to load up on groceries take advantage of wiping cart handles before you touch them and discard gloves and masks properly. Check out links below!

EcoSource, LLCAre You Washing Your Hands Correctly? Here's What Science Says

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